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Bishop Murray Harvey has given permission for the resumption

of public worship at Christ Church Cathedral in Grafton and at
All Saints Church, Lawrence. 

The current NSW Public Health Order allows us to have

up to 150 people in the congregation at Grafton Cathedral.

Numbers at All Saints Church are limited to 25 persons

in the congregation.

The key elements of the NSW public health restrictions which continue to apply to places of worship up include:

  • Maximum of 150 persons in the congregation (2m2 for each person in the Nave)

  • Contact details for each person to be recorded and kept on file for 28 days

  • Masks to be worn at all times

  • Singing allowed whilst wearing masks

  • Physical distancing rules to be observed

  • No use of objects involving touch by multiple persons (hymn books, prayer books, offering plate, etc)

  • Holy Communion will only be offered in the form of the consecrated Bread


People aged 70 years or older are advised not to attend public worship, as are other people with pre-existing health conditions which may make them more susceptible to COVID-19.

The Cathedral will continue to live stream our Sunday worship services and will offer other faith formation events—such as the Dean’s Forum—online rather than in-person. The video will be available on both Facebook and YouTube. You can subscribe to be alerted automatically whenever a new live stream is starting.

Please continue to hold each other in our hearts and prayers at this difficult time.



Under the restrictions in place through the current NSW Public Health Orders we are limited to 150 people in the congregation at the Cathedral.  Unless directed otherwise, we still need to collect your contact information, preferably by checking in with QR code or leaving details on a check in list.