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We welcome families and their children who are seeking Baptism at Christ Church Cathedral.

Jesus encouraged parents to bring their children to him, and as disciples of Jesus we do the same.


Baptism celebrates a new beginning as a member of Christ’s body, the Church. Baptism immerses us in the new life given to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter. When we come for Baptism we are saying “yes” to God’s love and claiming our place within the community of God’s people.


Most often, the candidate for baptism is an infant or young child, but we also baptise older children, teenagers, and adults.


Every candidate has a number of sponsors, and in the case of children not old enough to speak for themselves these include the parents and godparents.


Parents bear the main responsibility for a child’s well-being. In the Baptism service you will be asked whether you are willing to accept the responsibilities of Christian parenthood. You will be asked to make a commitment of faith in Jesus Christ.

Godparents have an important role as they assist and support the parents in the spiritual nurture of the child. Godparents do not need to be Anglicans, but they must be baptised themselves, and they should be people who take their own Christian practice very seriously.

The Church is the community of faith to which the baptised belong. This community helps parents and godparents with the responsibilities of raising their children as active members of the church and nurtures all candidates by prayer and fellowship as they grow in their faith.



Baptism Service

Baptisms can happen at any time in the event of special circumstances, but the usual arrangement is for us to celebrate Baptism as a major celebration during the 9.00am service on the third Sunday of the month or on a holy day with a special link to Baptism: Baptism of the Lord Jesus, Easter Eve, Pentecost, All Saints.



Please contact the Cathedral Parish office on (02) 6642 2844 for further information or to begin the process of preparing for your Baptism at the Cathedral.


Click on this link for more information about Baptism and your own family faith practices


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