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Cathedral Bookshop

The Cathedral Bookshop is an integral element of the Cathedral's educational mission, while also serving as a convenient source for liturgical supplies by parishes and schools across the Diocese.

The Bookshop is staffed by volunteers, and is open Tuesday/Friday 9.30am–3.30pm, as well as most Saturday mornings.

In addition to Bibles, Prayer Books and other Christian literature, the Bookshop caries a wide range of candles, cards and gifts.

Once each school term, the Bookshop also serves as the venue for the Reading with Spiritual Eyes book club. This book club is open to anyone with an interest in reading contemporary works of fiction, and reflecting on the chosen book from a faith perspective. The Bookshop will naturally carry stocks of books for this program.

Contact - phone number: 02 6642 3958 or email:

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