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Going to the Supper of the Lord


We are using this workbook as one of the key resources for children who are preparing to claim their place at the Table of Jesus. The booklet includes a centre insert with information for parents, and we encourage the whole family to get involved with this process as part of the Faith@Home project.


Some of the children will be using the book as part of the sacramental program at Clarence Valley Anglican School.


Others are working with their families.




For those working on the program at home, the Dean has recorded a series of short 8–10 minute videos that will assist both children and their families to engage deeply in the process. The videos will be posted on this page.


The children in the program are also encouraged to be at worship in the Cathedral as often as possible during 8 weeks or so of the program.​

The sacramental program at Clarence Valley Anglican School typically runs through terms one and two, with chuidlren being admitted to Holy Communion during the Junior School Sunday Worship at the Cathedral on the last Sunday in May.​​




Week 1: Belonging (Baptism)


Week 2: Gathering (Holy Days)




Week 3: Listening (Bible)




Week 4: Caring (Prayers)​


Week 5: Sorry (Reconciliation)


Week 6: Thanking (Eucharist)



Week 7: Sharing (Communion)



Week 8: Doing (Mission)

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