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Music and Ritual at the Sunday Eucharist

The Cathedral Parish has been blessed with a rich and beautiful music ministry over many years, and it is one of the hallmarks of our liturgical life. Indeed, it is a distinctive aspect of our ministry within the City and Diocese. To set a predictable level of liturgical expectations among regular and occasional worshippers, we offer services with the following variations in music and ritual.

Sung Eucharist with Choir

This is the default Cathedral arrangement for Sundays in Ordinary Time during school term.

The liturgy will be a Sung Eucharist using one of the familiar settings in the Parish repertoire.

The Choir will offer an Introit and one or more anthems during Communion, as well as chanting the Psalm and the Gospel Alleluia.

The Collect and Preface will be said, not chanted.

The ministers at the Altar will typically be the President of the Eucharist, and a Licenced Lay Minister who will assist with the Chalice. There may also be an additional Priest, vested in alb and stole.

There is no need for burse and veil, but this can be provided when that is the personal preference of the President.


Sung Eucharist (No Choir)


On Sundays when there is no Choir the arrangements are the same as above, except that there will be no Choir. The Psalm will be read by the congregation.


Choral Eucharist


For Principal Feasts, excluding High Holy Days, the Choir will offer a more elaborate set of liturgical music, and this may include Mass settings in Latin.

The ministers at the Altar will be vested as President, Deacon and Sub-Deacon.

Incense may be used.


Festival Eucharist


For the high holy days—including Christmas, Easter Day and Cathedral Festivals—we may enhance the arrangements for Choral Eucharists by adding a procession and it may be appropriate to use the High Altar.


These arrangements will be kept under review and amended as needed following discussion between the Dean and the Director of Music.




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