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Meeting Facilities for Hire 




The Parish Education and Welfare Centre is located between the Cathedral and Fitzroy Street. The complex includes the Cathedral Bookshop, the Cathedral OpShop, the Edwards Hall, the Hunt Hall and the Parish Office. Limited off-street parking is available behind the OpShop and the Hunt Hall. Additional parking is available in neighbouring streets.


The following facilities are available for hire on a recurring basis or for occasional events:


Edwards Hall


This medium-sized air-conditioned meeting room can easily accommodate groups up to 50 people. It has direct access via broad steps from the Cathedral Gardens adjacent to the Cathedral Bookshop and can also be accessed via the main entrance of the Parish Centre. 


Hunt Hall


This large hall offers more basic facilities for larger groups, but still offers free WIFI access. There is no external access for guests, but the Hunt Hall has an external loading bay for delivery and removal of larger objects.




The foyer provides internal access to both the Edwards Hall and the Hunt Hall, as well as offering a convenient space for catering during coffee breaks or for lunches. The foyer also has external access adjacent to the bell tower.




A modern facility featuring stainless steel benches, gas oven/stove, microwave oven, two electric wall ovens and a commercial dish washer.








A ramp inside the Parish Centre provides access to all interior spaces for people with limited mobility.


Administrative Support

With prior arrangement, the Parish Office can assist with basic administrative functions including photocopying and printing.



Separate bathrooms are available for male and female guests. We plan to upgrade the bathrooms in the near future to provide for better access for guests with limited mobility as well as facilities for parents caring for young children.



Three levels of catering are available:

  1. For refreshments such as coffee/tea breaks during meetings, the kitchen facilities are available at no extra charge. Users are required to wash and dry the crockery and cutlery, and return them to their original locations. All urns to be switched off, and lightly clean floors, benches and tabletops.

  2. For larger events—as well as for lunches or dinners, or catering following a funeral—the Cathedral catering group is able to provide healthy and nutritious catering. The Parish Office has details of our set menu options as well as information about other catering services we offer.

  3. External caterers may be used at the discretion of the hirer, but special conditions then apply. These include an additional hire charge of $100 per day for events with fewer than 50 people, or $200 a day for events with 50 or more people. See below for additional conditions that apply when external caterers are used.



External Caterers

Where external caterers are used or the hirer provides their own catering, please note the following additional conditions:


  1. The relevant additional fee for use of the kitchen by an external caterer, or for serving food prepared by someone other than the Cathedral catering group, must be paid at the time of the booking:

    • $100 per day for events with fewer than 50 people,

    • $200 a day for events with 50 or more people.

  2. The hirer and any external caterers must comply with the limited approval status of the kitchen, which is approved for heating food cooked elsewhere and preparing it for serving., The kitchen is not approved for the cooking of food on site.

  3. Caterers are required to provide their own catering supplies, including carafes, platters, tablecloths, tea towels and wine glasses.

  4. Caterers may use the crockery, cutlery and water glasses in the kitchen area. These are to be cleaned, dried and returned to their original locations after the event. All breakages must be reported and payment made for replacements.

  5. The dishwashing machine may be used provided those involved are familiar with its operation. The Cathedral staff can assist with orientation to the machine and its functions.

  6. All rubbish and other waste is to be removed from the site at the conclusion of each day. No rubbish is to be placed in the Cathedral bins.







Please download and complete both the hiring agreement and, where relevant, the public liability insurance waiver.


It is a condition of hire for all events that the users remove all rubbish from the site and do not use the Cathedral garbage bins. All chairs and tables are to be returned to the locations they were in prior to the hire.



Anyone hiring the Parish Centre has to provide evidence of appropriate public liability insurance and indemnify the Parish for any liability arising from the hire and use of the buildings and/or other property. Full details are provided in the hiring agreement.



The Cathedral Parish Centre offers free WIFI for all visitors. High-speed Internet access is available via a secure WIFI network. A mobile digital TV screen with camera and remote microphone/speaker offers high-quality multimedia functions for seminars, teleconferences and workshops.


These vary according to the type of user and the duration of the hire period and may be waived at the discretion of the Dean. For further information, please contact the Cathedral Parish Office.

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