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B A P U   P E A C E   D R I V E


Grafton Cathedral is honoured to host a civic reception for participants in the 2019 Bapu Peace Drive, which celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Ghandi ("Bapu") with a call for all members of our community to work together for peace and justice.


2 October 2019



In collaboration with the Clarence Valley Council and other community groups, the Cathedral welcomes people of all faiths to pray for justice and peace, and to help create a better world for all.


The program during this brief reception includes:


  • Welcome to Country

  • Civic welcome by the Mayor

  • Spiritual welcome by the Dean of Grafton

  • Messages of peace, inclusion and non-violence by Queensland Parliament Speaker Hon Curtis Pitt MP and Mr Ali Kadri, Islamic Council of Queensland representative

  • Blessing by the Rev Adrian Van Ash, Grafton Ministers Association

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