• Dean Greg Jenks

The Mind of Christ: 1. Compassion

Our new Dean is commencing his ministry with a series of sermons on Paul's letter of the Philippians. The four week series has the general theme, 'The Mind of Christ'. This week's inaugural sermon explored the theme of compassion.

A video of one version of this sermon (from the Wednesday 10am service) is now available online.


Authentic solidarity and genuine compassion are key attributes of the faith we share and the church community we seek to create.

Imagine if the Cathedral was famous in Grafton for the compassion we share.

And imagine if that compassion extended beyond the fellowship of our Parish community to embrace the whole city of Grafton.

And beyond that, imagine if we were known as people who are passionate and gutsy in our commitment to social justice, in our work for peace, and in our care of the environment.

None of this is about having the answers. Nor is it about power and status. And it is certainly not about being correct.

But it is about becoming compassionate people: people who move far beyond good ideas and warm feelings to stand in compassionate solidarity with one another, and with the people who are doing it tough at the present time.

Full text

Full notes in this week's sermon are available on the Dean's personal blog.

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