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On the Way

This series of podcasts from St John's Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane is well worth checking out.

“On the Way” is a series of recorded conversations (podcasts) exploring the deeper mysteries of faith, meaning, and beauty that people from all over the world are able to listen to on their Smartphone or computer.

The podcast invites others who are also “on the way” into conversation; seeking a transformative spirituality and inclusive faith that speaks to real issues of today. Together in dialogue and storytelling we seek to make meaning and articulate a Christianity that expresses the liberating and life-giving message of the Gospel in our time.

Links to the published podcasts may be found at the Brisbane Cathedral web site. Note that these are hosted externally by Omny Studio and will open in a new browser tab.

You can also download all the podcasts from the iTunes store, or using your preferred podcast App, including Android. Search by the names “On the Way” or “St John’s Cathedral” and subscribe for free to receive these great conversations straight to your device every month! CDs are also available for those who are unable to access the podcasts online and these are available on the Literature Table in the Cathedral.

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