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The dance of doubt and faith

Extract from the Dean's sermon for Easter 2C (28 April 2019):

I love the ancient Christian story of the risen Jesus appearing to Thomas a week after Easter Day.

It reminds me that doubt is a healthy part of faith. Indeed, it reminds me that faith without any questions or doubt may not be very healthy at all.

That is the eyes-wide-open kind of religion into which we baptise two children this morning.

Parents and godparents are promising to teach them the steps in the dance of doubt and faith, listening for the sacred music at the heart of the universe, and moving their lives in harmony with the God who says, “Here I am. Come and play.”

The Cathedral has a part to play in the dance, but the most important roles are those performed by the parents, godparents and extended family.

How you look at the world will become the way they look at the world.

How you manage your doubts and your beliefs will become their way as well.

The full text of this sermon with links to the video are available online.

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