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Wisdom has set a table

An extract from the Dean's sermon for Sunday, 26 May 20129:

The Table stands at the centre of our worship today.

It is always so for Christians.

We have lots of symbols, but the Table is the one that is distinctively Christian.

Not a book to be mastered, but a Table at which we each have a place.

Not even the cross. The bread and fish of the Eucharist are much older symbols for Christians. The cross comes to prominence only after the Empire has co-opted the Church for the sake of power.

The Table is a sign of community, a sign of hospitality and a sign of abundant life.

We are people who are learning how to say YES to God, YES to life, YES to hope, YES to love. The Table calls us to the lesson, and the Table provides an opportunity to practice our capacity to accept their gift of life, to share it with others, and to live life to the full.

The full text of this sermon with links to the video are available online.

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