• Greg Jenks

No purse, no bag, no sandals

An extract from the Dean's sermon for Sunday, 7 July 2019:

We’ve come a long way. And it is not all good. The distance between the practice of Jesus and the practice of the church gives us pause to stop and think.

As we rediscover what God is calling us to be and to do in a post-Christian secular Australia, these three fundamentals from Jesus and his earliest followers in the Galilee may well represent ancient wisdom that we need to embrace afresh:

  • Travel light

  • Do good

  • Share (whatever you have) (all of it!)

This is the call of God on us as individuals, as families, and as a cathedral community.

May God give us the courage to do what has to be done.

The full text of this sermon together with video may be found online.

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