• Greg Jenks

Storm Sunday

A thick storm cloud over Lighthouse Beach shows rain falling over Port Macquarie and Bonny Hills in 2017. Photo: Ivan Sajko (Ocean Drive Images)

Extract from a sermon by the Dean on the Third Sunday in Creation: Storm Sunday (15 September 2019):

In the next chapter of Genesis, God will breathe into the nostrils of the new Earth creature that has been created. When the breath of God comes into the Earthling, then the first human is alive and has become a living spirit.

This life force that we know as storm we also meet:

  • in the first breath of a newborn child

  • in a pleasant summer breeze

  • in a bracing blast of winter wind, and

  • in the destructive power of a cyclone

As we baptise Alexis and Hudson this morning we celebrate the life force which hovered over the waters of creation at the beginning of time, and we open ourselves to the eternal power of God who can be gentle as a dove or fierce as a storm.

The full text of this sermon together with video may be found online.

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