• Greg Jenks

Two people walked into Grafton Cathedral

An extract from the Dean's sermon on Sunday, 20 October 2019:

Two people head into Grafton Cathedral.

They were both going to prayer. Maybe to light a candle, or perhaps just to sit quietly and absorb the holiness of the place.

The second person does not come into the Cathedral very often.

They are not sure what to do, or where to stand. Should they kneel? Are they supposed to sit? Take off their hat?

Maybe if they just stand in the back corner it will be OK?

Yet. they always feel good when they come in here. Probably should do it more often. Maybe even come to church sometimes on a Sunday, but they are busy with family stuff on the weekend …

It is just that the Cathedral is such a special place for them, and they like to pop in briefly when they get the chance. Have been doing it ever since they were kids here in Grafton.

Those big doors just always seem to be open: come inside. You’re welcome here. God loves you. So do we.

Kind of makes them feel closer to God, which they know is silly because God is everywhere, but this is a special place and kind of feels like a gateway to heaven.

The full text of this sermon together with video may be found online.

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