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2020 Paschal Candle design

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Reflection on the Design for 2020 Paschal Candle

In the darkness and tragedy in the world we find ourselves in now we hear the cries of those helpless in caring for the sick because of lack of resources. We have known a world of abundance and wealth, but also a world of climate change, fire, flood and widespread poverty in countries that have been exploited for material gain.

This is the year of COVID-19.

We cry “Where is Wisdom?” “Where is our God?”

But in the beauty of the pattern of the COVID-19 itself we can find new life, just as it mutates and changes, so we mutate and change as our souls are fed by the Resurrection bread and wine into a new creation growing ever more Christ-like.

Our Trinitarian God, the creator of all, is at the Centre of all this but not always seen. If we seek Him we fill find Him, sad, frustrated, grieving with us, loving us, waiting for us to return, waiting for us to change our ways and put the things of the world last and love for others and the earth we were given to care for first.

There is new life available and free for all.

And the Resurrection symbol of the virus rising into the distance of eternity, no longer able to harm. Love breathes a sigh and thrives again.

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I am grateful for the time and effort you put into creating this post. It is clear that you are passionate about the subject. fireboy and watergirl


Camellia, this is beautiful and the reflection that goes with it is inspiring. Thank you for using your gifts in this way.

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