• Dean Greg Jenks

A web of compassion

An extract from the Dean's sermon for Palm Sunday 2020

We have no one in the Cathedral, but we are creating a web (not a mob), a network (not a crowd)

So welcome to all our online people, whether you are from our regular Cathedral congregation, friends from across the north coast or around the country, or people who do not usually get to church anywhere on Sundays but have found this a good way to do some spiritual work.

You are welcome, and we are glad to have you participating in our Cathedral mission:

We are a generous faith community centred on Jesus seeking wisdom for life acting with compassion in the heart of Grafton since 1842

Come right in and make yourself at home as we do the stuff that Jesus people have been doing since that first Palm Sunday almost 2,000 years ago ...

The full text of this sermon is available online abnliong with video of the service.

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