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You can choose which categories of messages from the Cathedral to receive on your smart phone:


  • Events

  • News

  • Music

  • Daily Inspiration

  • Children and families

  • Sermons

  • Copmanhurst

  • Lawrence


To receive any of these messages you must have notifications active on your smart phone.


If you did not choose to allow notifications when prompted while downloading the app, just go to Notifications (under Settings on your iPhone) and turn on notifications from MY CHURCH.


See the screenshots below for tips on how this will look if you are using an iPhone ...​​​


MyChurch Notifications Request.jpg
Notifications Control.jpg
MyChurch Notifications Screenshot.jpg


Create and edit your own user profile to make your experience of the Cathedral app more personal and intuitive.


New users will be prompted to set up their profile when they first instal the app.


Existing users can edit their profile by tapping the small profile icon near the top right corner f the screen. If you have previously set a profile picture then this icon will display the photograph you have set.


Benefits of creating your own user profile include a more personalised experience, easier and more direct access to notifications, quickly edit the categories of notifications you receive, the ability to mark past notifications as read, the option of deleting all previous notifications to reduce the memory used by the app, and a streamlined process when you wish to make a payment using the app.





Help in setting up your personal profile, including a series of screenshots, is available on the Profiles page.​





Deleting and Archiving Old Messages


Once you have activated your personal profile, you are able to delete mark unread messages as "read" or even delete all previous messages.


From time to time Messages sent via the app will be deleted to reduce the impact on the memory of your mobile devices. Earlier Daily Morsels may still be viewed at an archive of past Morsel messages which the Dean has created on his personal website (for an example, see this link to the September 2018 archive). These will not be fully formatted to reflect line breaks and paragraphs, nor will they include any links to websites that were included with the original message, but they will provide an archive of past daily messages. Other past messages with no long term value will simply be deleted after a period of time.


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