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Four Sundays in Philippians

It is not often that we get to read a whole book of the Bible in our Sunday services, but that is what we shall be doing during the morning services between September 24 and October 15.

Over these four Sundays we shall read the whole of Paul's letter to the fledgling Christian community in Philippi.

LEFT: Our earliest copy of this letter: Papyrus 16 – Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1009 – Cairo Egyptian Museum JE 47424 – Epistle to the Philippians 3:10–17, 4:2–8. Public Domain.

Over those same four weeks, our incoming Dean will deliver a series of sermons around the significance of these texts for our faith and our own lives today:

  • September 24: The Mind of Christ: 1. Compassion

  • October 1: The Mind of Christ: 2. Humility

  • October 8: The Mind of Christ: 3. Faithfulness

  • October 15: The Mind of Christ: 4. Peace

To assist the congregation to make the most of this series of sermons, a short 'congregational companion' has been prepared. This will be Ava,lable in print form at services during the sermon series, but it is also available online: with the added benefit of numerous live links to extra information about the circumstances of Paul and his audience in Philippi.

We are also planning to record the sermons and publish the video online, so check for details about how that is going to be delivered.

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