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Join us on the first Sunday of the month for a stimulating forum led by our Dean, Dr Greg Jenks, as we explore the Bible, Christian faith in the modern world, justice and peace, eco-theology, and any faith questions that you want addressed.



Where and When


In the Parish Centre within the Cathedral gardens. Enter from Duke Street between the cottages.


11.00am—12 noon, on the first Sunday each month (excluding January)


Join us at 9.00am for contemporary worship with deep roots in the ancient traditions of Christianity, or just arrive around 10.45am in time for the Dean's Forum to commence.




2020 Series (February/April)


February 2—DF, 19: Introduction to the Year of Matthew  (The Dean)


At the beginning of December, we start a new liturgical year during which we focus especially on the way that the Gospel of Matthew interprets the meaning of Jesus. After a year of listening closely to Luke's take on Jesus, in the coming year we will be hearing how Matthew understands Jesus. This seminar will help us prepare to spend a year with Matthew as we explore the meaning of Jesus for us today.

March 1—DF, 20: The Sermon on the Mount (The Dean)


In the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 5 through 7 constitute a great collection of teaching by Jesus which Matthew has gathered together and structured as a thematic teaching discourse by the 'New Moses', Jesus of Nazareth. This discourse has come to be known as the 'sermon on the mount' even though Matthew never refers to it in such terms. It been one of the most influential parts of the Bible as an epitome of the message of Jesus. We shall explore this classic spiritual text as we begin Lent together.

April 5—DF, 21: A user's guide to Holy Week (The Dean)


Holy Week extends from Palm Sunday through to Easter Day, encompassing Maundy Thursday and Good Friday as well as Easter Eve. This is the one time in the year when our liturgical celebrations more or less mass directly onto particular days in the life of Jesus. In this session we will learn about the history of Holy Week in the early church and explore ways to make it a time of pilgrimage and reflection for ourselves and our families.

May 3—DF, 22: Which version? Choosing a Bible right for you (The Dean) 


Looking for a new Bible? Wanting to choose a Bible as a gift for someone? Never before in history have Christians had so many options when it comes to different translations and versions of the Bible. This presentation will trace the 'family tree' for English Bibles and explain the special characteristics of the most popular translations. PDF Handout

June 7—DF, 23: Parables (The Dean) 


Jesus was a master of parables. These vivid word pictures are spiritual time bombs that detonate within our soul and invite us to see the world differently; to see the world through God's eyes. In this session we will explore the parables of Jesus and gain skills for ensuring we have ears that listen for the spiritual wisdom they offer us. PDF Handout

July 5—DF, 24: The Pink Parables (The Dean)

Almost half the extant parables attributed to Jesus were voted pink (Jesus probably said something like this) by the Jesus Seminar. This session will explore how these parables provide a voice print for Jesus and offer us an insight into the personal religious outlook of Jesus himself.

August 2—DF, 25: John among the Gospels (The Dean)

This session will explore some of the distinctive features of the Gospel according to St John. The 'Fourth Gospel' offers a very different perspective on Jesus from the more familiar representation found in the 'Synoptic Gospels': Matthew, Mark and Luke. PDF Handout


Dates for future sessions in 2020:

Due to changes to our Sunday program during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no further Dean Form sessions planned for 2020. Instead, we are hosting a weekly interactive online session after the Sunday service each week. Please join us any Sunday for this time of online community and feel free to raise any questions you would like to discuss with the Dean or the other clergy of the Cathedral.



2019 Dean's Forum series


190203 – DF, 11: Introduction to the Year of Luke

190303 – DF, 12: Mindfulness for Christians (John Shearer)

190407 – DF, 13: User's Guide to Holy Week 2019

190505 – DF, 14: Anglicare North Coast (Estelle Graham)

190602 – DF, 15: Compassionate Grafton

190707 – DF, 16: History, Imagination & Meaning

190901 – DF, 17: Perspectives on Christian-Muslim Relations

191006 – DF, 18: Faith-based responses to climate change (The Revd Peter Moore)


2018 Dean's Forum series

180415 – DF, 1: 10 Key Dates in the Bible (Old Testament)

180422 – DF, 2: 10 Key Dates in the Bible (New Testament)

180506 – DF, 3: Mapping the Holy Land 

180513 – DF, 4: Nazareth in the First Century 

180603 – DF, 5: Reconciliation as Mission (Lenore Parker)

180610 – DF, 6: Excavating the Lord's Prayer 

180624 – DF, 7: Justice, Reconciliation and Peace in the Holy Land

180812 – DF, 8: Excavating the Gospels, 1

180819 – DF, 9: Excavating the Gospels, 2

180826 – DF, 10: Excavating St Paul

Special 2018 Discipleship Series

180909 – Anglican Christianity

180916 – Disciples of Jesus

180916 – The Bible 

181007 – Spiritual Practice

​181104 – The Five Marks of Mission

181111 – Intentional Discipleship


Grafton Cathedral
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