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Dean's Forum


Join us on the first Sunday of the month for a stimulating forum led by our Dean, Dr Greg Jenks, as we explore the Bible, Christian faith in the modern world, justice and peace, eco-theology, and any faith questions that you want addressed.



Where and When


In the Parish Centre within the Cathedral gardens. Enter from Duke Street between the cottages.


11.00am—12 noon, on the first Sunday each month (excluding January)


Join us at 9.00am for contemporary worship with deep roots in the ancient traditions of Christianity, or just arrive around 10.45am in time for the Dean's Forum to commence.




June 6 – DF28: The once and future Jesus (The Dean)

In this session, the Dean will explore the interplay between the historical Jesus and some of his many "afterlives" during the last 2,000 years. This presentation draws on the opening chapter of a new collection of essays, edited by the Dean, with 30+ contributors from around the world: Afterlives. Jesus in Global Perspective.

March 7 – DF27: The Shape of Worship (The Dean)

When we gather for worship there is a spiritual architecture to our sacred gathering. From an informal house mass to a solemn festival Eucharist in a cathedral, there is a certain shape to the process and it revolves around two great points of encounter with the God who is among us: Scripture and Table. This online session of the Dean's Forum will assist us to better prepared for our worship and more engaged with the process. PDF Handout

February 7 – DF26: Mark among the Gospels (The Dean)

In late November 2020, we started a new liturgical year during which we focus especially on the way that the Gospel of Mark interprets the meaning of Jesus. In the coming year, we will be hearing how Mark understands Jesus. This seminar will help us prepare to spend a year with Mark as we explore the meaning of Jesus for us today. 



2020 Dean's Forum Series

200202 – DF, 19: Introduction to the Year of Matthew 

200301 – DF, 20: The Sermon on the Mount

200405 – DF, 21: A user's guide to Holy Week

200503 – DF, 22: Which version? Choosing a Bible right for you

200607 – DF, 23: Parables

200705 – DF, 24: The Pink Parables

200802 – DF, 25: John among the Gospels

2019 Dean's Forum series


190203 – DF, 11: Introduction to the Year of Luke

190303 – DF, 12: Mindfulness for Christians (John Shearer)

190407 – DF, 13: User's Guide to Holy Week 2019

190505 – DF, 14: Anglicare North Coast (Estelle Graham)

190602 – DF, 15: Compassionate Grafton

190707 – DF, 16: History, Imagination & Meaning

190901 – DF, 17: Perspectives on Christian-Muslim Relations

191006 – DF, 18: Faith-based responses to climate change (The Revd Peter Moore)


2018 Dean's Forum series

180415 – DF, 1: 10 Key Dates in the Bible (Old Testament)

180422 – DF, 2: 10 Key Dates in the Bible (New Testament)

180506 – DF, 3: Mapping the Holy Land 

180513 – DF, 4: Nazareth in the First Century 

180603 – DF, 5: Reconciliation as Mission (Lenore Parker)

180610 – DF, 6: Excavating the Lord's Prayer 

180624 – DF, 7: Justice, Reconciliation and Peace in the Holy Land

180812 – DF, 8: Excavating the Gospels, 1

180819 – DF, 9: Excavating the Gospels, 2

180826 – DF, 10: Excavating St Paul

Special 2018 Discipleship Series

180909 – Anglican Christianity

180916 – Disciples of Jesus

180916 – The Bible 

181007 – Spiritual Practice

​181104 – The Five Marks of Mission

181111 – Intentional Discipleship

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